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Fun at Work Means Thinking Inside the Box

Happy “Make Up Your Own Holiday” day everyone! I think we can
probably all agree that it just makes sense to go ahead
and designate it as “International Mike Day” in which anyone
named Mike gets lots of free, cool stuff. Thanks for agreeing.
I knew I could count on you! Happy Mike Day!
1. Thinking Inside the Box

The sometimes reviled and often satirized cubicle turns 40 this
year. The cubicle, in addition to preventing many office workers
from escaping into the wild, has served as fodder for many a
Dilbert cartoon, spawning Dilbertism’s such as “cube farm” and
“cube farmer”, and the title of the wacky book, “Cube Monkeys.”

If you’d like some inspiration as to what you could do with your
cubicle, check out what IDEO (a design company that definitely
qualifies as an “inspiring workplace”) came up with for Dilbert
creator Scott Adams: if you
don’t have a cubicle, this deluxe model may just make you want
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

For you or the cubicle-dweller in your life, this is an absolute
must: the Cubicle Doorbell. There’s several options you can Google,
including a Dilbert “Dogbert” model, and the upscale “Cubicaller”-
which features 12 different options including a cat meowing,
birds chirping, “quack-quack”, foghorn and an actual door bell
ding dong. And if you don’t have a cubicle or know anyone who
lives in a cubicle, then I’m sure these fun devices would work just
as well on your office door or bathroom stall. They would also
make a fun front desk alternative to those annoying “ring-if-you-
require-assistance” buzzers or bells.
3. Quote of the Week

“Do you know how hard it is to think outside the box. . .
when you work in one all day!” Anonymous cubicle dweller
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World

Carrying on with our theme, a U.S. company has created a Slingshot
Pen. The Slingshot Pen is targeted (pun not only intended, but
slaved over for hours) to cubicle-dwellers who yearn to fire an
eraser at the head of that annoying, loud talking coworker four
cubicles down. (Just remember kids, it’s all fun and games until
someone gets an eraser in the eye.)

Happy Mike Day everyone, and long live the cubicle!
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Copyright Michael Kerr, 2008.

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