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The Hump Day Humor-Gram, November 23, 2005 Issue Number 154

1. Sense More With a Sense of Humor
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip
3. Deep Thought of the Week
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky World
1. Sense More with a Sense of Humor

A study from the University of Michigan and reported
in the journal Psychological Science, found that people
who watched comedy videos experienced more positive
emotions that people who watched horror movies or
other “neutral” movies. (Well, duh).

A more interesting finding was this: people who experienced
more positive emotions by tapping into their sense of
humor became more inclusive and thought more in terms
of “us” instead of “them.” As well, positive emotions
created what the researchers called a “broadening
effect” – helping people see details more clearly and
promoting “big picture” thinking.

(Hmmmm, perhaps we need to send our politicians to a
humor camp?)
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Hold a B.Y.O.F.S. meeting/party/luncheon at your workplace,
where the only prerequisite is that participants have to
bring a funny story about themselves. It’s a great way to
encourage participation and interaction, break down barriers,
laugh more, and get to know folks on a more personal level.
3. Quote of the Week

“I use to have a handle on life . . . but it broke.”
– Anonymous
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky World

We talked many moons ago about how cows can have “AHA!”
moments of intellectual excitement, and sometimes even
fret over the future. Well, according to research reported
at the same bovine conference, cows are also very cliquish
– spending most of their time with the same group of pals,
while showing an intense dislike of other cows. They may
even bear grudges against other cows that last months or
even years! (And you thought nothing was going on out
in those fields…).

Happy hump day. Mooooooooooo!
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