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The Power of Media in Your PR Message

According to eMarketer, digital ad spending was projected to increase by $118.4 billion in 2013. With so much money funneled into advertising, marketing and public relations, it’s essential to step-up your game and raise your brand’s awareness. Your brand will get lost in a sea of competitors without an effective campaign to reach your audience and keep them engaged. Start by using compelling visuals, video, content and curating your social media presence to get noticed.


According to comScore, 89 million people in the U.S. are going to watch 1.2 billion videos online. And that number just accounts for today. Use video to introduce your branding campaign, new service or business venture to quickly spreadshutterstock_169727027 the word about your news. Video can also be used to manage a crisis. Many companies already do this, like the Red Cross or Center for Disease and Prevention, to get the word out about what to do and how to help. Crises can also extend to product recalls or breaking news that could effect your business, like a natural disaster in your clients’ area.


Humorous ads tend to be more memorable to an audience, and can also help businesses with a product perceived as dull. Even a less than humorous product can benefit from a funny campaign complete with images to help connect it to the audience. Webroot Internet Security ran a billboard where they likened broccoli to their product, stating that the vegetable was more interesting than explaining hacker-proof passwords. The billboard ran with an image of broccoli and infused relevant humor into their campaign.

Social Media

Break news on your social media channels that’s noteworthy, buzz worthy and commands attention. Take time to follow and organically interact with influencers, journalists and your ideal customer to help spread your social media shares. Brands can also use social media to curate content and become an authoritative source on a particular topic to their customers. For example, Life Lock regularly tweets news and insights into making your job search safer from identity theft and the importance of creating strong online passwords after heartbleed and other security breaches.

Clickable Content

No one will notice your carefully crafted PR media campaign without an interesting message behind it. Give your audience a reason to click on your content by offering intriguing stories that pique their curiosity and helps alleviate their worries. Children’s Advil brand’s market share grew 11 percent in six weeks after launching a media campaign to establish the medicine as a fever relief authority. They focused on content and visuals that focused on pediatric data about reducing fevers for up to 8-hours and giving parents more confidence in helping their sick children.

Consistency is Key

It can take 10 impressions before a customer ever notices your marketing messages. Some experts say positioning should take place over 18 months or more to make an impact. Continue spreading a consistent and compelling PR message across social media channels, print and digital outlets to reach your ideal customer. Trying every message you can think of and waiting to see what works will only serve to dilute your positioning and fumble your PR campaign.

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