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Thinking Outside the Cubicle

1. Thinking Outside the Cubicle

Several surveys suggest that the workplace is the last place
people say they come up with good ideas. Here are three different
studies that suggest that maybe all we need to do is take our
brain for a walk, a ride, or perhaps a wash:
– An 8-week study by the PR firm Lucre found that when employees
showered during the day (not together, it should be noted)that
productivity increase by 42% and creativity by 33%
– According to professor Christoff at UBC’s Cognitive Neuroscience
of Thought Laboratory, driving is one of the best times to come
up with spontaneous ideas
– The University of Michigan suggests that a walk through a park
enhances creativity and cognitive performance; as does looking
at photos of nature (a walk through an urban setting offered no
improvement for cognitive performance)
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

June 26 is “Take Your Dog to Work” day, so check and see if this
is doable at your workplace. If not, then take someone else’s
dog. Or take your child’s stuffed dog. Or have a “match the
employee to the dog photo” contest. Or, have a “most resembles
their dog” contest. Or dress up like a dog. Or order a hot dog
for lunch.

All this may sound like trivial nonsense, until one considers how
passionate some dog owners are about their beloved pooches. As we
reported in an earlier Hump Day, a survey from reveals:
49% percent of respondents said they’d switch jobs if they could
take their dogs to work; 32% said they’d take a pay cut if they
could bring Rover along; 66% said they’d work longer hours if
Fido could join them at the office!
3. Deep Thought of the Week

“Best way to become an old dog is to stop doing new tricks.”
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World

Here’s a helpful message found on a literacy campaign leaflet:

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