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To Do or Not to Do? That is the Question

It’s time for another round of random thoughts, ideas, and musings…

  • Create a ‘to-don’t’ list to remind yourself of things you need to stop doing at work or things you can easily delegate or outsource.
  • People are more committed to making their own ideas work; they’re typically not as committed to making someone else’s idea work. What can you do to help guarantee co-ownership of new ideas?
  • Although I always suggest face-to-face communication above all else, at times you may want to consider this: If you have some news that you think someone will need time to digest, then send them an e-mail first and arrange a meeting for an hour or two later so they’ve had time to properly digest the news and formulate their thoughts and questions.
  • A paper in the latest issue of The International Journal for Humor Research cites studies showing that among nurses, high “humor orientation” is positively correlated with greater communication competence, and higher humor-oriented nurses were much better equipped at coping with job-related stress.
  • According to a recent study in Harvard Business Review, people with a clean desk and a neat office are more persistent, less weary, and less frustrated. The study found people with clean desks stuck with a task one and a half times longer than people with a messy desk!

Michael Kerr, November 2015. Michael is an international business speaker who helps organizations achieve the results they need.

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