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Top-10 Office Pet Peeves

The Top-10 Workplace Irritants

Drum roll please! Here are the top-10 most annoying workplace

irritants according to a survey by Opinium Research LLP. From

#10 to #1:cold temperatures in the office; messy kitchens; not

turning up on time or at all for meeting; poor bathroom

etiquette, overkill on health and safety stuff; people who

speak too loudly on phones; office jargon/management-speak;

gossip; slow computers; and the number one biggest irritant –

grumpy or moody colleagues!

So what would YOUR team say on a similar survey? And would you

show up on the list?

Other than the slow computers (and today we would use the term

“technologically-challenged” computer), all of these issues can

be at least partially mitigated by simple awareness. And in

most cases humor can help – whether it’s a funny slogan to raise

awareness about loud talking or everyone tapping into their sense

of humor to cope better, an injection of fun and humor can go a

long ways towards creating a less annoying workplace.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

For a fun team building/idea-sparking outing take your team

on a behind-the-scenes-tour of a business in your town. You’d

be surprised by how many companies offer tours, and the insights

and ideas that can be gleaned by touring a jelly bean factory, veterinarian clinic

or brewery could be invaluable.


Quote of the Week

“One thing I’ve learned about humor is that it’s never quite so

funny as when your situation is almost hopeless. You’re dealing

with an absurdity, and the humor arises out of the absurdity.”

Pat McManus


It’s a Wacky World

It’s official “Felt Hat” day today, so if you haven’t felt your

hat in a while, please take time to feel it today.

And don’t forget – September 19 is “Talk Like a Pirate Day!”



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