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Traits of Highly Creative People

AHA! Five Traits of People Who say AHA! a Lot

A study of 3,000 creative executives by Brigham Young

University suggests that if you want to be more creative

you should work on developing five skills that distinguish

highly creative people apart from not-so-creative types:

questioning; making connections across seemingly unrelated

ideas; closely observing details; the ability to experiment

and constantly try out new things; networking/learning

from smart people. Of the five traits, the most critical

is thought to be the ability to make unusual connections.

It seems to me those are very close to the same traits that

great comedians and humorists possess, so that’s also not a

bad recipe for increasing your humor quotient.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip (who I’ve raved about before) has a button on

their website that reads: Don’t EVER Click Here! So of

course, what does every visitor to the website do?

So adapt this technique for your website, office bulletin

or company report that you know nobody really wants to read

with a heading such as: CONFIDENTIAL COMPANY MEMO! DO NOT


(Let’s see if it works with a little experiment: DO NOT GO

to and buy Mike’s great products!)


Quote of the Week

“A positive attitude is no longer just a desirable

prerequisite. It is absolutely essential to succeed in the

fiercely competitive business world.” Ritu Chaudhury,

Vice-President, Jet Airways


It’s a Wacky, Wacky World

This is wacky in a sad way: a 13-year old boy from

Bedfordshire, England was sent a formal legal notice

informing him that he had been made redundant from his

$12-a-week paper route! (I am flying to Bedfordshire this

Week to go and slap somebody with my rubber chicken, and in

the meantime if anyone knows of any job openings in

Bedfordshire, please pass them along.)


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