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Unique & Appropriate Baby Gifts for Workplace Showers (Guest Blog)

Throwing a baby shower for a fellow employee is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and celebrate the impending arrival of their baby. Great gifts are a cornerstone of a good baby shower celebration. They offer a message of excitement, embracing the positive new changes that are about to come. If your coworker is celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new baby, consider the following employee-to-employee gifts for mom and baby:

A Good Swaddle Blanket

A baby that sleeps several hours at night is a blessing to a parent. According to a Washington University study, babies that are swaddled sleep better than those that are not. For those not familiar with the idea, swaddling is a way of wrapping a baby so that they feel safe, warm, and comfortable. High-quality swaddling blankets are a nice gift that can help baby and parents get a good night’s sleep. SwaddleDesigns offers lightweight, breathable cotton flannel styles as well as marquisette cotton styles which get softer with every wash. The swaddling blankets also come in a variety of fun prints and patterns and have a helpful how-to swaddle diagram sewn to the edge of each blanket.

When the baby outgrows swaddling, the blankets can easily transition to a normal sleeping accessory for toddlers. Some children make their first blankets into favorite soft toy, carrying them everywhere that they go.


It is a simple fact of child rearing that babies need diapers. The sheer volume needed makes this a great baby shower gift. Find out whether the parents will be using disposable or cloth diapers since some parents have very strong opinions on the matter then buy an assortment in varying sizes. The gift itself can be stylized for presentation. It is possible to create a beautiful bouquet made out of diapers. If you do not have the crafty gene, you can go big by gifting a year supply of diapers.

Make Bath Time Fun

Bath time is a bright time for many babies. Some of us prefer giving a gift that the baby will enjoy, even if the baby has not made an appearance yet. Bath toys will make baby and parents happy. The Blooming Baby Bath is a plush flower shaped bather that holds the baby while washing. It comes in a variety of colors, including traditional pink, blue, and yellow, and is cushioned so that baby is comfortable. Add to this a mix of baby bath toys and you have a fun and unique present.

Driving Time Necessities

A car seat is a wonderful gift for a group of fellow employees to purchase together for the new parents, but you will need to discuss this long before the baby shower. First, check if there is a brand and style that the parents have registered for. Car seats come in a wide array of prices and options. The parents will need to be involved in the final purchase decision.

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