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Use rituals and traditions to add humor to work and motivate employees

I’m a huge believer in fun, off-beat rituals and workplace traditions as a way to add humor into any workplace, lighten the  mood and keep folks motivated.

Traditions and rituals give people something to look forward to and something to reminisce about. They create a sense of shared history which in turn can help strengthen the sense of teamwork in a workplace.  They also can allow people a chance to flex their creative muscles. And of course they can be loads of fun to boot, which means they can be  great stress busters. 

Here are a few of my favorite rituals:

– celebrate wacky holidays and theme days such as International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Hello Day or Left-Handers Day. Google “wacky holidays” for a calendar of different off-beat days.

– create your own wacky theme days that connect to a work-related theme suitable for your workplace.

– give everyone a standing ovation for making it into work every Monday morning.

– have a hi-five day once a month.

– “Third Person Thursdays” where everyone refers to themselves in the third person all day Thursday.

– “Fishbowl Fridays” where you put everyone’s name in a fishbowl and draw a name each week, the winner gets freed from the fishbowl a half hour or hour early.

– create a Friday ritual to review the week highlights.

– create a  Monday morning ritual to launch the week in a fun way.

– create rituals to kick off your meetings or end your meetings.

– create a tradition to celebrate every major sale or when your team wins a new contract.

– create traditions to celebrate different milestones.

The list of potential traditions and rituals is unlimited, so get your team together and create a few simple ones to build momentum.

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