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Use Training to Motivate and Reward Employees

In a recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 62% of employees said that in lieu of getting a pay increase, they would like to be rewarded with training opportunities. This is a great reminder that training opportunities aren’t just a chance to improve your team members’ skills, offering continuing learning is a great way to reward employees and keep them feeling motivated.   Learning new skills also fosters more creativity, and can give employees a more global perspective.

A few more thoughts and ideas around this topic:

  • Often there is a tendency for the same core group of employees, due to the nature of their work, to get all the training perks.   So actively look for opportunities to engage some of the “forgotten” folks that could benefit from more training or from attending a conference.
  • Use your own employees to lead some of your training.  One of the most powerful ways of learning something is to teach other people.  It’s also a great way to recognize and honor someone’s expertise and experience.
  • Create a training wish list for each team member.
  • Don’t just offer training in core areas – offering a course unrelated to a person’s core duties can often be viewed as more of a perk, and a great stimulus for creative thinking.

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