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Vision statements don’t inspire! (Unless they’re inspiring!)

I think we need less vision statement readers, and  more true visionaries at work.Most of the vision statements I’ve seen are about as exciting as a trip to the dentist. Too often they include dry, bureaucratic language that comes across as completely stuffy and totally meaningless to most employees and customers.

If one of the roles of a vision statement is to unite people in a common goal, and another goal is to inspire folks, then here’s a thought: shouldn’t vision statements be easy to grasp and well, inspiring? Shouldn’t they cause excitement?  Shouldn’t they stir souls or ignite passions or spark curiosity or fire up the neurons?

So how about using some everyday, but powerful language in your vision statement?

And how about having vision questions or conversations or visionary ideas? After all, it’s a bit challenging to get excited about a statement.  I mean, really, who even uses the term “statement” anymore? Statements are what politicians  give when they testify before a committee.

So by all means, co-create a truly inspiring vision for your team and your customers, but please, stop already with the vision statements.  Any leader can read off a statement.

What your workplace needs, what the world needs,  are more true visionaries.

Michael Kerr, June, 2011,

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