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Wacky Alternative Uses for Everyday Office Supplies, Guest Humor at Work Blog

Office life can be stressful at times. Every cubicle rat knows that there is always a token jerk in the office who irritates everyone. Just like there is always one supervisor or manager who likes to bust everyone’s chops. Some of us have likely fantasized about beating the snot out of them on our worst days.

There is a certain level of tension in every office. We are all looking for ways to alleviate that tension which is why a recent video showing how to use every day office supplies like staplers and pencils to build weapons has proved to be a viral hit!

Weapons in the workplace, however, are probably not that great an idea! I know if I had access to a crude battle axe built from scissors and a ruler I would be way to tempted to use it on my manager.  However, there are plenty of other alternative and creative uses for your office supplies which can not only keep you amused, but might also come in handy.

The Power Of Paper Clips

Paper clips could very well be the best type of office supplies ever. Not only do they alleviate hours of boredom with their ability to be linked together in never ending chains, but they can even be used for a variety of other purposes. They are ideal for replacing a broken zipper pull and can also be straightened out to create a replacement antenna for wifi equipment!

Paper clips are also perfect for fashioning into hooks for Christmas tree ornaments. You have probably also noted that on most electronic equipment there is a tiny recessed rest button which only the end of a paper clip fits into perfectly!

If you wanted to get super creative with your paper clips (and you have a massive amount of patience) then you could even weave them into a cubicle door curtain or waste paper basket!

Is There Anything Binder Clips Can’t Do?

If there is something that can beat the humble paper clip in terms of versatility, then it has to be the binder clip. There are so many alternative uses for these that I could never list them all, but let’s take a look at a small sample of alternative uses.

This one is pretty much just for the girls – although any guys out there with a penchant for heels are welcome to join in! Plenty of women who commute to the office wear walking shoes and change into high heels at the office. However, what happens when you are wearing pants that have been tailored for your heels? The hem of your pants ends up dragging, but there is an easy solution – temporarily re-hem your pants by using a binder clip to hold them in place! So, yes, you may look like a dork, but it is undoubtedly successful and if everyone did it then it would soon become fashionable. So go on, be a trendsetter!

Binder clips can also secure hanging files in the filing cabinet to keeping your chips fresh when you only eat half the bag! They can also be used as a cable tidy or even a money clip!

Once you start thinking about alternative ways to use office supplies you will never look at them the same way again!

 Stefan Loewer is a passionate writer who enjoys sharing his insights on various business and career blogs.

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