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Ways to Celebrate Last Year’s Work Highlights

Don’t overlook the importance of trumpeting last year’s successes in your workplace and career. Taking the time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished is an effective way to motivate employees, instill a sense of pride and gratitude in the workplace and build momentum for the year ahead. 

Here are a few simple ways to do just that…

  • Create a designated wall where people can post photos, newspaper headlines, quotes, or just the words that would capture your top memories and highlights of the year. bigstock-Top-view-of-business-people-wi-13868696
  • Create a photo album, yearbook or scrapbook that archives the milestones and accomplishments from each year.
  • Create a Top-10 list of the Top-10 greatest achievements of you or your team (toss in a few fun ones).
  • Do a team video counting down the top highlights.
  • Create a fun awards ceremony and dole out awards that remind people of the year’s highlights, including offbeat highlights such as The Person Who Made Us Laugh the Loudest During a Meeting Award, The Person Who Almost Never Made it to Work Award, or the Person Who Nearly OD’d on Caffeine Award…
  • Take  time in your first meeting to have everyone share their top three memories, accomplishments and highlights.

Turn this into an annual tradition and encourage people to record their milestones and accomplishments as 2015 unfolds so you’re ready for 2016. Even if you work alone, don’t discount the importance of doing this. Reflecting on and celebrating the positive, and being grateful for the positive accomplishments in your life, is one of the key ways to boost your level of happiness.

Michael Kerr, January 2015. Michael Kerr is an international business speaker who helps organizations achieve outrageous results by tapping into their humor resources. 

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