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WestJet Capitalizes on United Breaks Guitars Song

By now you’ll have heard of the hilarious You Tube music video, “United Breaks  Guitars” posted by disgruntled United Airlines passenger Dave Carroll.   Another great story on so many levels.  This is the kind of stuff that makes me scream out, “Right on my fellow downtrodden powerless consumer!”

What a great use of humor! And to be able to use his own talent against the airline to generate so much free publicity for his band, while at the same time getting revenge on behalf of tens of thousands of unhappy airline passengers (including yours truly) is so fitting.

I can only imagine the customer service disaster songs I would write, if only I knew how to sing and had any talent.

As one of many follow ups to this great story, is an article about how a WestJet Airlines employee, also a musician, wrote a funny song in response to Carroll’s song, tweaking the words to sing about how much WestJet cares about guitars.


And a great lesson for all of us. A heavy dose of humor and fun not only helps you build a positive brand, it gets you free publicity almost every time, especially if you take advantage of a an already newsworthy story.

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