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What Are You Waiting For?

The Albion Hair Salon in beautiful Banff, Alberta, has put a sign up on their window: “Loitering Permitted.” To help facilitate loitering they’ve placed a small table and chairs in front of their shop with a few board games. And if you’re waiting for your hair appointment (or, as in my case, for my spouse’s appointment to finish) they offer you a gift card that allows you to grab a free coffee at a coffee shop in the mall. Both of these ideas are driven by a desire to create a sense of community in their mall – it creates goodwill and helps both businesses. So…IMG_0359

• What is your workplace or business doing to create a sense of community? Are there missed opportunities to work or co-market with other businesses in your neighborhood?
• What are you doing to make customers feel welcome? Conversely, what are you doing that might inadvertently be sending the message, “Don’t get too comfy…move along.”
• In what small way can you surprise your customers when they have to wait? No one likes waiting, whether it’s sitting in a dental office, waiting for your car at the shop, or waiting while your spouse tries on dress after dress or suit after suit. What can you do to ease the stress and/or boredom associated with waiting and turn a negative into a positive experience for everyone?

Michael Kerr is an international business speaker specializing in workplace culture, humor in the workplace and inspiring leadership that drives real results.

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