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What’s So Funny About Alberta?

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Looking for a hilarious book?
How about an inside look at the real Alberta?
A unique gift or souvenir?
It’s the perfect stocking stuffer, Father’s Day present, brother/sister-in-law gift, “Welcome to Alberta” gift, “Sorry you’re leaving Alberta” gift or travel companion on those lazy Alberta road trips.

And you don’t even need to be an Albertan to enjoy it!

Part travelogue, part eclectic humour guide, What’s So Funny About Alberta? offers a unique perspective on Alberta. The book is filled with rollicking tales from the open Alberta road, strange Alberta trivia, wacky tourist questions, Alberta jokes, top ten lists, funny photos and much, much more!

“As an Albertan, born and raised, I have always known this province to be an eclectic, oddball, funny place. Michael Kerr has provided the proof.” –– bestselling author Will Ferguson

Discover a side of Alberta that most people don’t know exists, as humorist Michael Kerr dishes out answers to the burning question: What’s So What’s So Funny About Alberta? – Green Funny About Alberta? There is more to Alberta than just low taxes and dead dinosaurs, as your intrepid author discovers on his quest for its lighter side. Come along as he makes like a Trekkie in Vulcan, shops ’til he drops at West Edmonton Mall, goes in search of a national park on the streets of Banff, moseys off to the Calgary Stampede, and gazes hungrily at the world’s largest sausage.

All 224 hilarious, non-fattening, cholesterol-free, PST-free pages can be yours for the amazing price of only . . . $19.95

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Rave Reviews for the bestselling book What’s So Funny About Alberta? What’s So Funny About Alberta?

“Kerr’s pursuit of what’s so funny really is so very funny that you will be doubled over laughing out loud, tears streaming down your face, all while trying to read out loud to anyone around between uncontrollable, blubbering fits of hysteria—his slant on Alberta really is that funny!” Michelle Greyson, Nanton Review Newspaper

“Always humorous and occasionally hilarious, this odd little travelogue is stuffed with bits and bobbles that just have to have you laughing hard or reading out loud to someone else at least once.” Carol Picard, Rocky Mountain Outlook

“You’ll snort coffee out your nose as you pursue his guide to weird in our fair province. You’ll see the province as you never have before.” Leslie Beaton Hedley, Calgary Herald

“What’s So Funny About Alberta? will take you around the province and make you chuckle as it takes you there.” Dave Husdal, Canmore Leader

“With talk of western separation at an all time high, Kerr’s timing couldn’t be better!” Anika Van Wyk, Calgary Sun

“I loved it Great writing, great insights – completely irreverent! “ Feddi Dogterom, Lethbridge, Alberta

“I feel bad about it but I did laugh when I read Mike Kerr’s book. (I couldn’t help it, I swear…)

There’s a lot of funny stuff about being from Alberta that I bet most Albertans don’t even know! I loved this book – Mike Kerr has

a great sense of humour and a wonderful ability to laugh at so many interesting aspects of what it’s like to travel the great province of Alberta. After reading this book, I’ll never be able to look at our western neighbour the same way again. I can hardly wait for his book on Saskatchewan – that ought to be good!” Barry Williams, Saskatchewan

“Michael Kerr’s latest offering is the perfect summer read, and a great tribute to Alberta, especially in this centennial year. It is informative and a great travelogue for those planning to explore this great province, but it is also just a plain fun read even if you’re not on the open road this summer. It is an easy book to pick up and read as time permits, but always a good laugh. Kerr’s easy style provides some “laugh out loud” entertainment and is a must for everyone’s 2005 book list!” Anne Peterson, Canmore, Alberta

“Wow what a riot it is to read this book! It’s so much fun; it goes by quicker than a good old Klondike Stampede! Every Albertan should use a portion of their $400.00 bonus cheque from the provincial government to purchase this book and find out more crazy truths about themselves! Get this book! (But if you’re from The Center of The Universe and you get this book, you probably still won’t get this book!)” Tony Rino, Calgary, Alberta

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