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Why not a humor coach?

Many executives and supervisors of all ages and experience levels are turning to coaches or mentoring programs for personal and professional development.  So why not consider getting a humor coach? Now I’m not suggesting you hire Jerry Seinfeld.  I’m simply suggesting that a good humor coach could help you develop your sense of humor and offer guidance on how to strategically use humor to be more successful in your career.  A good coach could serve as a sounding board and help you find the humor in a difficult situation. They might even make you laugh.  They could help keep you humble when your ego threatens to get in the way, and they could help you lift yourself off the floor when your ego takes a serious bruising.

The ideal coach would be someone you respect, someone with experience, a great listener, and someone who has a decent sense of humor and who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.   And probably someone who doesn’t charge the rates that Jerry Seinfeld might charge.

Michael Kerr, December 2011,

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