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Why Your Workplace Should Be More Like Las Vegas! Guest Blog by Kelly Batke, Jostle

Every time I visit Las Vegas I am in awe how the city functions at a seemingly high level despite having some of the most liberal laws in the country.

Gambling, drinking, and prostitution…I often wonder if anything is illegal. Cops are barely visible and when they are spotted they never appear overly worried or agitated. It’s as though they have discovered some secret balance of being available and present, yet not intruding the peace.

For most of us laws and rules suggest that we are children and that we do not know how to behave. Not surprisingly, a lot of us resent this. But if a city can survive with a whole lot of tolerance, couldn’t a workplace too?

Here are a few things we can learn from Sin City:

Let everyone win. You know the giddy feeling you get when you win a hundred pennies? Sometimes even small victories are all an employee needs to feel motivated.

Recognize success. Do you have a wall of fame in your office? So maybe you don’t need large framed pictures of giant cheques, but you do need a place or platform to recognize great work.

Provide places to collaborate. Like a casino, every work place needs break-out places to collaborate, regroup, and strategize. Think less traditional boardroom and more modern hang-out corners.

Provide free parking. Okay, so maybe free parking is out of the question for some workplaces, but it does bring to light that the easier you make a workplace to get to, the happier employees will be when they arrive. Consider offsetting transit costs or helping to coordinate a ride-share.

Don’t give them a reason to leave. Ever notice how difficult it can be to spot the exit of a Las Vegas casino? It’s because they don’t want you to leave. –No this doesn’t mean you should lock your employees in overnight! But you should treat them like valued customers to prevent them from visiting the casino, er employer, up the road.

Appeal to different personalities. While some of us like the strategy of poker others prefer the monotony of slots. Know your employees strengths and weaknesses and put them in areas where they will thrive.

Comp when possible. Everyone loves free stuff; not just in Vegas. In addition to water and coffee, consider stocking your employee fridge with pop or something stronger.

What recommendations do you have to “Vegas-tize” your workplace?


Kelly Batke,     Kelly is the Director of Marketing for Jostle Corporation.   Find out about their fabulous employee engagement and culture building software tool at Jostle. 


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