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Workplace Recognition: Giving Thanks for the Thanks!

A friend of mine, a small business owner who does a fabulous job at constantly recognizing his contractors and often surprising them with bonus gifts, complained to me recently that an employee never thanked him after receiving a surprise bonus from him. Not even a quick “Cool, thanks!” e-mail from him. Nothing. Zippo! Nada! 

So here’s my simple yet important thought for the week: Are you recognizing the recognizers? As I am constantly reminding you, the number one reason people say they leave their jobs is because they felt unappreciated, while 67% of customers stop doing business with us because they feel unappreciated. That’s why great organizations build a culture of continual celebration, recognition and appreciation.

And to help build positive momentum in your culture you also need to recognize the people doing the recognizing!  The more employees express their heartfelt gratitude when their employer does something above and beyond for them, the more likely they are to keep doing it!  Or heck, even top it next time!  And that goes for everyone at every level of an organization.

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to recognize people and improve your organization at the same time is to constantly ask employees and customers for their input and ideas. Asking great questions sparks curiosity, drives the creative process and gets people emotionally engaged.

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