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Zappos Still Serving Up Plenty of Funny Business

It’s been a while since I’ve referenced Zappos, the on-line shoe business with a tremendous penchant for fun,  so it was nice to see them referenced in a BBC article I was quoted in, Funny Business: Why Humor on the Job Matters. 

I first visited the Zappos headquarters in the summer of 2011, and was blown away by their inspiring culture. Spending the day talking to the employees and seeing the office in action was a fabulous reminder that when businesses take the time to be intentional about their culture and inject some fun into the workplace, great things can happen…such as phenomenal sales,  incredible growth, worldwide free publicity and insanely happy, healthy employees.

Now impromptu Nerf gun battles and “Tank Top Tuesdays”  might not appeal to every workplace out there. You need to nurture and grow your own culture and your own brand of fun.  It needn’t be that outrageous or silly.  But you do need to commit. You need to be intentional about your workplace culture.  If there’s one overriding lesson that businesses such as Zappos reminds us of, it’s that great cultures aren’t just a happy accident.

Bu they sure do create a lot of happiness.

Michael Kerr, 2013.






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