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  • Leading With Humor Isn’t About Being an Extrovert!

    The relationship between humor and leadership effectiveness has never been studied more that it is today. Nor, for that matter, more important! Having a sense of humor as a leader is no longer considered a “nice to have,” I’d argue it’s a MUST-have characteristic of any successful leader.

    One thing I stress time and time again to the …

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  • An Employee Burnout Protection Plan: Guest Post and Infographic

    When you have burnt out employees, it can be difficult for your company to achieve your goals. You might experience your workers producing low quality of work, increasing employee turnover, wastage of resources, and much more.

    Any company can experience this if they don’t look after their employees properly. If not addressed immediately, it can even lead to a concerning problem …

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  • Laugh and Grow Rich!

    February 8 is official “Laugh and Grow Rich Day,” which raises an interesting philosophical question, do we laugh because we are rich, or do we become rich because we laugh?

    A study by the Hay Group’s Center for Research and Innovation in Boston found a positive correlation between the size of executives’ bonuses and their use of humor, suggesting that yes, …

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  • Does a Culture Shift Always Begin at the Top?

    The hilarious satirical website The Onion recently posted an article titled, “Man Returns To Work After Vacation With Fresh, Reenergized Hatred For Job.” I fear, sadly, that many people will find this headline funny because it hits too close to home. Even if you’re not returning from a vacation, you might be one of the many people who report feeling …

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  • Creating an Inspiring, Positive Workplace Culture, More or Less

    Here’s a very simple exercise to try at your next team meeting or employee retreat: Have a fast and furiously energetic brainstorm over what you need more of and what you need less of in your workplace. Your goal isn’t to solve all your issues or create world peace in ten minutes, but doing this simple exercise is a quick …

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  • Resolutions at Work That Actually Work

    Have you made your new year’s resolutions yet? Have you broken any resolutions yet? (I know I have!) Here are a few thoughts on the fine art of resolving to resolve your revolving resolutions…

    According to several goal-setting experts, it’s easier to create “anti-resolutions”: Commit to things you want to stop doing rather than things you want to start doing.  …

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  • Celebrating the Year With Your Team

    2017 has been a bit, as the kids like to say, “cray cray!” Yes, it’s been a good year to remind yourself to live each and every day as though it was our last, because sooner or later, you’ll be right!

    So as the year winds down take time some time this …

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  • Is Your Workplace Psychopath-Friendly?

    I recently read the fascinating (if not disturbing) book, The Psychopath Test, by Jon Ronson. There’s a chapter in the book that talks about the presence of psychopaths in corporations, speculating that psychopaths show up at a higher than expected rate in leadership positions. Other books, including Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work, as well as countless articles …

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  • How to Make Your Workplace Office More Fun

    So everyone on your team agrees that work would be a heck of a lot better if there was just a little bit more fun every day. And you know the stats. Adding more humor and fun to your office leads to: lower absenteeism rates, lower employee turnover rates, less employee burnout, less stress, less conflict, more innovation, better communication…the …

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  • Fun Ways to Follow Up With Clients

    I admit it. I’m not always the best role model when it comes to following up with clients the way I should. In fact, I’ve thought about starting up a support group, so I could stand up and bare my soul: “I’m Mike. And I’m a lousy follower-upper.” Yet I know how critical it is – there are studies galore …

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