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Inspiring Customer Service Ideas

Customer service is everything, and everything is customer service. It’s potentially your number one competitive advantage, and in a changing world full of uncertainties, it’s one of the few things you can actually control! Here are a few random inspiring customer service thoughts, ideas and inspiration…

  • To make everyone feel welcome, the entrance door to a shoe store has three door handles, all at different heights! How can you ensure everyone who does business with you feels welcome?bigstockphoto_Shopping_4622188
  • Speaking of catering to different sizes…The J.W. Marriott Marquis Hotel in Miami has redesigned some rooms to cater to larger-sized athletes. What niche market could your organization tap into with a creative offering?
  • A Holiday Inn I visited put out water bowls and dog biscuits during “Yappy Hour.” (If you make the dogs happy, you make dog owners ecstatic!)
  • A golf course offers to shine customers’ shoes while they’re out on their rounds. What can you do to surprise your clients with an added-value free service?
  • Zappos on-line shoe business uses the mantra: “We are in the service business,we just happen to sell shoes.” What mantra or slogan can you create to remind everyone that service is everything and everything is service?
  • Nike offers a service where they will add a personal ID label onto your sneakers – what can you do to personalize objects or services for your customers?
  • Vinnie’s Sub Shop in Chicago closes their shop down when they run out of the freshest bread. What are you doing in your organization to demonstrate that you’ll never compromise on your core values or client offer?

Michael Kerr, May, 2015. Motivational business speaker Michael Kerr helps organizations around the world achieve outrageous results. Check out his latest book, The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses are Laughing All the Way to the Bank.


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